PBS Specialty Coatings uses state-of-the-art methods and technology to provide abrasive blasting solutions for our clients. From heavy grit and high-pressure for the tough jobs to ultra-fine for the most delicate surfaces, PBS Specialty Coatings has the right tools for your project. From delicate medical equipment and power station turbines through to lead contaminated bridges and large tank structures, our trained and certified blasters have successfully completed many projects.

What is it?

Abrasive blasting is a process mainly used to strip metal surfaces of existing paint, rust, corrosion and scale to pre-clean the surfaces prior to painting. The technique is to blast, at various pressures, abrasive particles onto the surface, stripping it of all contamination, enabling a coating to be applied to the bare substrate to achieve maximum adhesion.

Surface preparation is one of the most important parts of a coating system and can affect the performance of the coating more than any other variable. Even if the correct coating system is selected, if the surface preparation is poor, coating performance is usually going to be poor. If surface preparation is good, then the coating applied over it is likely to perform well. If a surface is very smooth, coatings have a difficult time adhering strongly, a scraper or even a fingernail, for instance, easily removes a coating on glass. On the other hand it is difficult to remove a coating on a rough surface like sandpaper. Steel, when it is abrasive blasted, has a surface that is rough like sandpaper, with a series of tiny peaks and valleys called surface profile. Coatings mechanically anchor themselves to this profile. This is why the surface profile created by blasting is sometimes called an “anchor pattern”.

Abrasive blasting profile

Abrasive blasting can also be used as a cleaning tool to strip and clean delicate surfaces such as power station turbines.

About Us

PBS Specialty Coatings Pty Ltd is a global leader in providing a range of services in the metal coatings and corrosion industries. We are proud to be unique in that we seek to work with our clients from the design of the product, through to the final delivery, and then on-going maintenance.


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