PBS Specialty Coatings offers tailored solutions for the application of protective coatings with a comprehensive range of quality controlled industrial and marine coatings applications and a range of coatings that consider corrosion resistance, adhesion, chemical bonding, wear resistance, maintenance and cost efficiency factors.

As specialists in the application of protective coatings, PBS Specialty Coatings prides itself on its ability to deliver a superior service with a commitment to exceeding our client’s expectations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.PBS Specialty Coatings Coatings offers advice to clients on coatings and surface preparation specifications for all types of environments and conditions to ensure that the correct coating specification and procedure is chosen to suit the environment that the asset is in to ensure a fit-for-purpose result every time.

About Us

PBS Specialty Coatings Pty Ltd is a global leader in providing a range of services in the metal coatings and corrosion industries. We are proud to be unique in that we seek to work with our clients from the design of the product, through to the final delivery, and then on-going maintenance.


PBS Specialty Coatings
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